Build API-driven live video workflows, in any public cloud

  • Launch live services and channels quickly, with repeatability and resiliency
  • Optimise and manage cost, consuming your cloud, or ours
  • Guarantee availability with a range of support levels and SLAs

Streaming and Broadcast workflows made simple

  • Documented and published APIs – build into your automation and scheduling tools

  • Solution Hub - providing simple UI operation, template creation and metrics

  • Monitoring telemetry and staging tools - supporting QoE and lifecycle management

Get hold of your own environment, today


We’re addressing the challenges of moving to
cloud-based workflows

Providing tools that help developers manage cost, ensure workflow compatibility and
guarantee availability for streaming and broadcast applications.

For Live

maximising resiliency and quality to deliver world class video and latency.


accessing new capabilities in a flexible way, using cloud infra to support both temporary and permanent services at an optimised cost.


validation of cloud workflows and access to new capabilities, migrating high-quality video services between private and public infrastructure

Unifying our technology stack for repeatable and reliable deployments
across multiple cloud regions and accounts.